Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Feeling the Heat on Ice at the Malaysia National Ice Skating Stadium (MYNISS)

Just one week before this visit, I drove pass Empire City (opposite Neo Damansara) and noticed how  the distinguished signage of the Malaysia National Ice Skating Stadium (MYNISS) is announcing that Malaysia wants to make her presence seriously known in the winter sports arena. Succeeding winter sports in a country that never snows? Watch how we are shifting the heat from weather to ice rink!
Check out the new skating rink at Empire City
MYNISS has opened its icy platform in August 2017 as host venue of the inaugural Winter Sports of the 29th SEA Games. It is the first Olympic-regulated ice rink in Malaysia with full facilities to host tournaments of world class standards. This means that there's be more opportunities to watch figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey in this tropical country.
Situated opposite Neo Damansara
Measuring 1,800 square meters, the rink is complete with professional dasher boards, officals' facilities, player's keeping and holding facilities, showers and locker rooms. The stadium is also able to accommodate 600 sitting spectators and up to 5000 standing onlookers
Olympic sized skating rink and a seating capacity of up to 600 pax and standing room of up to 5000 spectators
When hosting the 29th Sea Games-Winter Sports
Here are some records for Malaysians to be proud of!
  • On 12th Dec – 17th Dec 2017 Malaysia battled it out against Philippines, India, Kyrgyzstan and UAE in the U20 Men's Ice Hockey Team and took away the gold medal
  • On 6th – 11th March 2018, Division 1 was between India, Philippines, UA Emirates & Malaysia (by rank) and with a few stunning performances snatched away the gold medal.
  • On 24th – 29th March 2018, Division 1 was between Malaysia took on Macau, India and Indonesia and held their title with gold medal.
Open to public at 11am onwards. Closing times are different everyday. Check out the table below. 
Ready for some cool sports
Here comes the next skating 'champion'
Getting the grip of it
Winter sports in Malaysia is just waiting to be explored and conquered. Just you wait and see world...the new champions from the land that never snows!
On locker number 10 with YB Khairy Jamaluddin's signature
Ice rink is controlled with high technology for more precise and professional settings
Ice resurfacing machine
Feel the heat on ice

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Creamy Durian Seafood and Golden Salted Egg Sauce at Just Seafood

Durian and seafood. What is Just Seafood thinking?!! Whatever made them risk it to put it in their menu is...brilliant! The sound of the pairing might leave your hair standing on ends (happened to me at least) but it could be something that you'd be glad you ordered- only under the condition that you LOVE durians. If not, stay away and save the displeasure. Check out my previous visit here.
What is Just Seafood up to this time
The one and only Just Seafood at Sunway Giza
Since the Creamy Durian Seafood can very well sit in the bizarre category, do give it a chance when you smell the aroma. Let the waiter pour it on the table for you and allow it to breathe before you judge.
Creamy Durian Seafood coming right up!
I must say that if I were to appoint a master of cream conundrums, I would drag the chef out of Just Seafood's kitchen. The secret to the fruition the Creamy Durian sauce is as easy as a good balance between cream, milk, cheese, black pepper and of course durian. But it is THE balance that makes it the indelible impression!
The 8-person spread
Mud crabs, prawns and Chilean clams
There was a sense of disbelief when I had my first taste of Creamy Durian. I did not think it was possible for the best of two worlds to co-exist so harmoniously in the same dish. When my taste buds recognized my favourite fruit in the form of a sauce, the warmth was as good as meeting a good old friend! The sauce cleverly compliments the seafood although from another realm. Get ready to be nuanced by sweetness and creaminess among the savouriness of the smooth pale yellow sauce.

Surprisingly too, the strong-smelling ingredient did not overpower the taste of seafood. The durian flavour dissipated while I shelled my seafood letting the freshness of the crustaceans emerge when I popped them in my mouth. I don't know how the chef does it but the whole experience was phenomenal and recommended!
Don't forget to wipe the table with those fried mantaos
Dad approves
The refreshing pandan lemongrass is strongly recommended when having seafood
While sipping on some refreshing pandan lemongrass to clean the palate, the fashionable Golden Salted Egg Seafood was waiting. Although I admit that salted egg yolks holds much yumminess on its own, Just Seafood managed to accentuate it with milk and spices. The grainy sauce is appetizing and sure to capture hearts- it's the salted egg yolk for goodness sake!
Golden salted egg
Look at that delicious hue
Too engrossed
Look at that chunk of meat!
Happiness in a shell
Check out Just Seafood's original Cajun and Butter Cream Milk review here.

Just Seafood
A-9-G, Sunway Giza
No. 2, Jalan PJU5/14
47810 Petaling Jaya 
012-229 0855 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Can You Imagine the World Without WD-40?

From the days my dad sent me to fetch the blue can to the days I worked offshore, WD-40 always seemed to be the solution. You would concur if you had your squeaky door hinge muted, stiff bicycle chain oiled, rust removed and tools shining like brand new all with same spray. 

Best of all, it makes me solve what seems like will take 10 burly guys to do without scratching my manicure. And in case you are wondering, WD-40 doesn't mean the WonDer solution was founded by a 40-year-old person. It stands for Water Displacement at the 40th attempt of creating the recipe. Living up to its name, the American brand very well displaces water, preventing rust and oxidization.
At Bun Seng Hardware's launch of WD-40 distributorship
Many brands have attempted to emulate WD-40 whether in performance or packaging but the Real McCoy is always proven through its legendary results. Albeit its millions of uses, WD-40 pushed its limits by producing the Specialist range which is close to packing a mechanic into these cans. Other high performance products would be the Contact Cleaner that zaps out dust in electronics and Air Conditioner Cleaner that is bound to save you that technician's service cost.
The blue can with red cap
WD-40 specialist edition
Launch with Datuk Isham Ishak, Deputy Secretary General (Trade), Ministry of International Trade and Industry
As part of WD-40's expansion plan, Bun Seng Hardware Sdn. Bhd. is appointed as Malaysia's new marketing distributor. The hardware company will undertake the sales and distribution of all products registered under WD-40 including the populare multi-use product, Specialist range and Bike range. WD-40 expects sales of 2 million cans in 2018 with this partnership. 
WD-40 makes my rugged lifestyle easier
Content comparison with other brands
Water displacement test show that the solution protects the object even underwater
The EZ-Reach coming to Asia soon making easy easier
I have always known of WD-40's extensive uses but the brand has very much exceeded my expectations. The more I learned about its products, the more excited I was thinking about how many more things I could fix at home all by myself, not to mention the amount I would be saving on hiring services. 

  • A bus driver in Asia used WD-40® to remove a python, which had coiled itself around the undercarriage of his bus.
  • Police officers used WD-40® to remove a naked burglar trapped in an air conditioning vent.
  • Crayola® Stain Removal Tips recommends using WD-40® to remove (regular) crayon marks from a variety of surfaces.
  • The WD-40® Book, featuring many user testimonials and the wacky humor of Jim & Tim, The Duct Tape GuysTM, was published in 1997.  The familiar blue and yellow can has been featured in other books ranging from The Big Damn Book of Sheer Manliness (General Publishing 1997) Polish Your Furniture With Pantyhose (Hyperion 1995) to WD-40® for the Soul: A Guide To Mending Everything
  • Leslie Nielsen portrayed agent Dick Steele (a.k.a., Agent WD-40® ) in the 1996 movie Spy Hard
  • WD-40® has a Fan Club with more than 100,000 members.  Join today and share your stories, get free, fun downloads, check out the eNewsletter, receive the eTip of the week, and much more...
  • As The Duct Tape Guys say, “You only need two tools in life, Duct Tape® and WD-40®.  If it’s not stuck and it’s supposed to be, Duct Tape it.  If it’s stuck and it’s not supposed to be, WD-40® it.”

Read here for interesting legends and fun facts about WD-40.
The WD-40 contact cleaner
Mom would love the WD-40 grease remover on her stve
WD-40 Belt Dressing
WD-40 Brake & Parts Cleaner
WD-40 Throttle Body, Carb & Choke Cleaner
WD-40 AirCond Cleaner
WD-40 also saw the potential in the niche market of biking dedicating a whole range of products to maintain bicycles. The recipe is adapted specifically to biking needs that professional bikers like Geoff Kabush, Jeremy Powers and Courtenay McFadden vouch for the product.
WD-40 Bike range
Solutions dedicated to bikers
The trusted brand

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